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About Us

The Hijab Outlet (THO) is a small business co-owned by two sister in-laws, Zahraa Fakih & Sarah Moubarak. We are both full-time mothers who share a passion for all things fashion. We share a very similar style and because we work so well bouncing ideas off each other, balancing one girl’s strength with the others weakness our partnership has been such a success.

We launched THO in 2019 however, our business was in the works for almost 2 years prior to launching and initiated with the idea of catering to the female wearing the Hijab. We aimed at creating modest wear that was simple, elegant and effortless and most importantly we knew there was a need for creating the perfect matching cap for the hijab.

Our story behind the ‘Matching Cap’

As the year progressed after our launch, we found such a high demand for the matching sets we had created. At the time we only had 8 different colours yet not enough quantity to meet the demand, we sold out within a very short time and had emails and messages asking when we were going to restock. It was then we made the decision to leave clothing aside and put all our time and resources in the matching sets as there was no one catering to this in the industry and was something we both struggled with anytime we put an outfit together. The hassle of purchasing a hijab, then running from store to store trying to match the shade to a cap was time consuming for our customers and fellow “Hijabis”. So, we decided to do the hard work for our girls! We now have over 20 different shades with a perfectly matched cap which compliments the shade of Hijab.

The Process of our “Matching Cap”

The process is a long one, prior to deciding on the cap we make sure to look at it in different lighting. We compare the hijab and cap in ambient lighting, accent lighting, task lighting etc. The second process involves wearing the hijab and cap to ensure that the shades work well together when wrapped around the head. Once again testing it in different lighting. If we are happy with the shade we are ready for production, if not we will try again by adjusting the shade of the cap until we are 100% satisfied with the result.

We have so many ideas and several other amazing products to create which we can not wait to share with you all. Join us and follow us on our journey!


Sarah & Zahraa xx

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